Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA lease accounting?

[Updated 06.10.16]

There are several locations:

  • (1) Our developerWorks wiki contains IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.1 links to documents about FASB/IASB best practices, partial payment calculations, and other enhancements.
  • (2) Our IBM Knowledge Center contains IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.1 topics about the role of the lease accounting manager in reviewing lease assumptions and the Accounting tab of a lease.
  • (3) On IBM Service Engage, you can also explore our Real Estate Finance Executive demo as “Frank Finance” and review lease accounting details.
  • (4) Our IBM Service Management YouTube channel contains a 13-minute video by John Clark about complying with the new lease accounting standard.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.12.15 post and 09.29.14 post about finding information on TRIRIGA lease accounting. To see other related posts, use the Leases tag.]

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2 thoughts on “Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA lease accounting?

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