Having an issue with the IO Data Map for the “File to DC” scheme

We experienced an issue with the integration object Data Map. The Data Map won’t render for the “File to DC” scheme (i.e. nothing displayed under “Select Modules”, “Business Objects”, “Forms”, “Staging Table”). But it works fine for all of the other schemes.

We are on TRIRIGA 10.4.0/3.4.0, Oracle database, WAS, and have applied the Oracle patch and SDK 1.7 patch. We also restarted our Dev server, WebSphere, and the JVM, but it didn’t help. We have 8GB memory, so there should be enough. Anyone had similar issues before?

For DB2: I also find out about the 3.5.0 Data Map limitations below. Although it is for a DB2 data source. Would anyone know if the OM package helps in our case?

Known Limitations: Integration Object Data Map does not render when using a DB2 data source in the DC to File scheme. An Object Migration package can be requested through IBM Support and imported to resolve this issue. (Tri-176082)

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