Top Ten TRIRIGAFEEDIA posts of February 2016

Yes, it’s that time again! In February 2016, TRIRIGAFEEDIA earned 3618 views from 1244 visitors. Additionally, this top ten represented 4.7% or 169 of these views. By comparison, any 10 random posts from 1000+ posts averaged less than 1.0% or 36 views. Interestingly, 3 of the top ten were pages about the recently released UX Articles. But most importantly, this was the most popular month in TRIRIGAFEEDIA history! So, without further ado, here were the top-ten posts of February 2016.

Rank Post Hits
1 How do you earn a professional TRIRIGA certification? 24
2 *Introducing UX 22
3 *What exactly is TRIRIGA UX? 22
4 FieldFLEX enters agreement with IBM to deliver mobile for TRIRIGA 19
5 *Will you be required to use UX? 16
6 Purging TRIRIGA records from a business object 14
7 Connecting TRIRIGA to Watson Analytics 13
8 Exploring the TRIRIGA user group community 13
9 Unlocking TRIRIGA possibilities with Watson Analytics 13
10 Alert: Microsoft KB3032359 issue prevents iframe display within TRIRIGA Workflow Builder 13
*Technically, a page, not a dated post. But worth ranking.


TRIRIGAFEEDIA Versus Knowledge Center

In late March 2016, I asked the IBM Knowledge Center (KC) team about the number of page views for all TRIRIGA collections (and I assume, all translated languages too) on KC. Here’s what they gave me for the 6-month period ending February 29, 2016. But here’s the scariest part. By comparison, TRIRIGAFEEDIA is getting about 30% (16198/54143) as many views, or about 3 views for every 10 views of TRIRIGA on KC. And it’s growing…

Knowledge Center Collections Views
All 10 TRIRIGA Application collections [SSFCZ3*] 25799
All 11 TRIRIGA Platform collections [SSHEB3*] 28344
All 21 TRIRIGA collections 54143
By comparison, TRIRIGAFEEDIA (same 6-month period) 16198

[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 02.13.16 post about the top-ten posts of January 2016.]

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