Recipe: How do you configure a Watson IoT app on Bluemix to create TRIRIGA work orders?

In a smart building, it is imperative to monitor the smooth functioning of facilities operations. One of the critical parameters to monitor is the temperature of the facility. IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) which increases the operational, financial, and environmental performance of facilities.

With real-time sensor data, the monitoring of critical parameters, like temperature, also becomes real-time. Any deviation from the standard process, like a temperature increase, should trigger a work order. IBM TRIRIGA can be used to raise that work order. This recipe guides you on how to address such deviations using the IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform on IBM Bluemix, and the IBM TRIRIGA platform.


  • 1. IBM Bluemix account.
  • 2. IBM Watson IoT quick-start application with an IoT sensor URL.
  • 3. Cloud instance of a TRIRIGA server.

Recipe flow

This recipe is demonstrated and documented using IBM Bluemix. The IBM Bluemix Watson IoT boiler plate application provides a sample Node Red flow which allows subscribing to device events.

The URL ( simulates the device ID which becomes an Input to the Watson IoT Node Red App. Once the device ID is put in the Node Red input node, a JSON message is sent over MQTT to the Watson IoT. Based on the temperature threshold (>45 degrees) that invokes the TRIRIGA REST API, the TRIRIGA OSLC receives the REST parameters with the JSON payload to create the work order (work task) in TRIRIGA…


[Admin: For convenience, here are the meanings of the acronyms: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Representational State Transfer (REST), Application Program Interface (API).]

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