Planon: Student stakeholders engaged in facilities management

[Admin: While I’ve heard of TRIRIGA being implemented by universities to track energy usage or space utilization, I’ve never thought of college students as potential TRIRIGA self-service requesters. This article by Planon made me think otherwise.]

By empowering students with the right technology, mobile technology in particular, institutions give them the ability to contribute and actively engage with their environment (campus, student halls, library).  When students find a broken desk, a cracked window, or a room where the A/C isn’t working, and have the ability to immediately submit a maintenance request to their university to get it fixed, they become part of the institution’s improvement process. When students have the ability to reserve a space in the library, or find an instructor from their phones, they are more productive and involved.

Moreover, they evolve from simply being a stakeholder to being an engaged stakeholder for the university.

Giving students more control of their environment affects the way they view their student experience. It gives them better opportunities to collaborate and better access to the university’s learning and support services. It helps universities get better feedback from their students on a much timely basis, which impacts important decisions for the university as they plan for the future…

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