IV82154: Data Modeler budget token panel freezes

In TRIRIGA, the Data Modeler does not allow us to set a budget token. The popup for budget tokens opens, but the Update and Insert action buttons never activate, and occasionally the form freezes with a long running script error.

Steps to replicate:

  • 1) Open Data Modeler.
  • 2) Navigate to triInventory::triInventoryItem.
  • 3) Revise BO.
  • 4) Open any field that is a Financial Rollup.

We have verified this behavior in IE and Chrome.

Cost codes in a flat structure caused a large amount of data to be transmitted. We have improved the performance of the Budget Token panel when inserting or updating the Financial Rollup type of parameter in the TRIRIGA Data Modeler. This way, the Budget Token panel will not freeze when loading huge amounts of data.

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