IV82511: Issues with editable query character limit

When using an editable query, if the character limit is exceeded for a text field, the platform will prompt the user that the limit is reached and truncate the rest of the characters. However, once the form is submitted, the data is blank. The field will not save the data. The General Evaluation is an example of an OOB process using editable queries.

In addition, if a user opens the editable query record via hyperlink and puts the data into the underlying record, on “Save and Close”, the main window refreshes, but the data entered is not reflected in the main screen. When the record is submitted, the data on the main screen overwrites the data entered. This is confusing to users.

The value in a text field in a editable query will be correctly saved. The Save action will honor the size provided in the text field properties via the Size attribute in Data Modeler. In case the text value being entered is larger than the size, any extra characters will be lost before saving.

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