IV82559: Expression editor for Start tasks does not appear

The expression editor for the Start task does not display for the following workflows. These can be found under: triContract > triRealEstateContract.

  • triOwnedProperty – Synchronous – Map Template Data to Parent
  • triOwnedProperty – Synchronous – Apply Template
  • triOwnedProperty – Synchronous – Create Sale Term Smart Record

In TRIRIGA platform releases prior to 3.4.2, the Start task displays without issue, but does not display in 3.4.2 and 3.5. There is no information in the log files, and it happens under WebSphere and WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) application servers. Object-migrating (OMing) the workflows from a good environment, and also removing the Start conditions and OMing the workflows does not resolve the issue. The only workaround is to rebuild the workflows from scratch.

As a temporary fix, you can rebuild the workflows from scratch. Moving forward, all workflows should now show the expression editor properly when opening up the Start task details.

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