What is the best practice for choosing an application server?

As a TRIRIGA best practice, when choosing among application server types, the best practice is to use WebSphere Liberty with TRIRIGA versions 3.4.2.x and newer.

  • Liberty is, by far, easier to manage than traditional WebSphere (tWAS), and even further easier to manage over WebLogic (WL).
    • Liberty has just a few configuration files: the server.xml, server.env, and jvm.options.
  • tWAS’s older paradigm was to have most features installed by default. For TRIRIGA, there is a massive amount of overhead that comes with tWAS.
    • Liberty takes a much more secure and fast approach: only install, enable, and configure what is needed.  Liberty’s paradigm enables the application server to be nimble, dynamic, and fast.
  • Liberty installation AND configuration takes literally seconds with the TRIRIGA installer.
    • With Liberty bundled with the TRIRIGA installer, there is no separate downloads, installations, or configuration steps. The time savings alone in the installation of Liberty over tWAS can be calculated as follows:
      • Time to download Installation Manager tWAS : 60 minutes
      • Time to install Installation Manager: 10 minutes
      • Time to install tWAS:  30 minutes
      • Time to apply fix packs to tWAS: 30 minutes
      • Time to create a profile: 30 minutes
      • Time to change to correct Java version: 5 minutes
      • Additional time to install TRIRIGA: 45 minutes
      • TOTAL TIME for just installation: 3.5 – 4 man-hours per server with a conservative estimate. Multiply that by the number of servers you have, and Liberty provides a multi-thousand-dollar savings in man-hours spent in installation alone.

​When should you choose traditional WebSphere over Liberty? If you have a large infrastructure of WebSphere and have expert-level, dedicated support in your organization, then tWAS may be a good choice. However, you should still evaluate the advantages of Liberty over tWAS for your TRIRIGA installation.

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