Seeing a bug in object migration with forms set to “Read Only”

We are using the TRIRIGA platform and have noticed a bug when migrating security groups that contain forms set to “Read Only”. Here is a generic setup of the problem. I created a new security group in our dev environment called “Document – Read Only” with the following permissions:

  • Document (Module level) left as default – No Access
  • Document (Form level)
    • Data Access = Read
    • Application Access
      • Permissions::Download::Permissions
    • Tabs
      • Associations – No Access
      • Discussions – No Access
      • Permissions – No Access
      • triDistribution – No Access
      • triSystem – No Access
      • Work Flow Instance – No Access

All of the other tabs were left at their default values of “Inherit from Parent”. I imported this package into our test environment via Object Migration and compared the permissions. The result shows that there is a bug in Object Migration. The settings for Application Access and all tab settings imported correctly, but the Data Access in the migrated group was set to “Inherit from Parent” instead of “Read”. Has anyone else seen this on, or any other version?

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