UX: Is there a way to return a value from a workflow action?

Is it possible to return a value from a workflow action? We tried calling a custom action with this:

this.$.checklistCategoryDS.performAction(id,TriPlatDs.RefreshType.NONE, "query-category-access-action-group", "query-category-access-action").then(function (o) {console.log("Promise exec", o);})

We can see that the workflow has been triggered in the workflow instance history, but there are no return values in our Promise. The returned response is:

Promise {[[PromiseStatus]]: "resolved", [[PromiseValue]]: undefined}

We currently do not return the workflow return value (as in workflow parameter mapping). It is in our queue for future functionality. But if your goal is to know if the performAction() was completed, then all you need is to listen to the “ds-perform-action-complete” event. See the UX Framework “triplat-ds” component documentation (in the product) for the list of events. For example:

listeners: {
'ds-perform-action-complete': '_handleAction',
'ds-perform-action-error': '_handleAction'

_handleAction: function(e) {
console.log(e.type + ": ", e.detail);

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