How do you set the DM_PATH formula field from a workflow?

I need to create folders and documents for a batch functionality that our customer requires. My problem is that I am unable to properly set documents and folder paths from workflows. My documents end up in the “/” path and thus are inaccessible from the Document Manager UI. I understand it is set based on a formula that refers to the SYSTEM_FILE_PATH field. Both these fields cannot be set from a workflow.

When using the integration object, this can be set with the Base Parent attribute. Also, the “Is Parent Of” inclusion does not seem to be present in the Modify workflow task. Any advice to accomplish this?

In order to accomplish this, you should be able to use the “Add Child Task” within the workflow to properly map the parent record. What I envision is that during the batch load, you have a field that properly maps the parent record. Upon import, you have a workflow that triggers and gets the parent record, then maps the child record to that parent record. Using this task would have the platform set the child/parent relationships for you, and map the paths properly.

[Admin: The same question is also posted in the triDeveloper Google group.]

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