IV82666: Organization path issue with cutting and pasting entries

Having an organization path issue, where “CNAEP Strategy & Planning” is showing “North America E&P” as its parent, which is correct, but its Hierarchy Path is showing its parent as being “Upstream & Technology, Projects & Svcs (Retired)”. When cutting and pasting “CNAEP Strategy & Planning” to a new parent, the paths are updated, but when pasting it back under “CNAEP Strategy & Planning”, it again shows the path as “Upstream & Technology, Projects & Svcs (Retired)”.

As a temporary fix, the admin should look through the application to check for duplicate entries. If none is found, no further workaround can be provided until a fix is delivered. Moving forward, we fixed the issue, where a hierarchy record can be moved to a target path that contains a node with the same name through cut and paste. An error message is now displayed, and the record is not moved, “Unable to paste because a record with the name [record name] already exists in the target path.”

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