Personal perspectives from a TRIRIGA L2 support engineer

Personal Take on MustGather Documents as a TRIRIGA L2 Support

There are cases where a PMR is simply just a question about a certain function that can be easily answered by providing certain documentation. But most cases are those that really require the complete details of the issue, including the platform version, etc. Therefore, providing screenshots and a step-by-step procedure to get to the problem (i.e., clickstream to the problem occurrence) would be really helpful.

So, as a gentle reminder to all of our TRIRIGA users and customers, it will always be best to provide complete “MustGather” documents to TRIRIGA L2 Support to ensure that your PMR can be solved in a shorter amount of time. Unless it is really a complex defect that cannot be fixed until the next release…

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Personal Take on Video Recording Steps as a TRIRIGA L2 Support

I find this a very good way for TRIRIGA L2 Support to be able to showcase the exact replication steps (i.e., clickstream to the problem occurrence) provided by our customers in the PMR, since it will really show if the problem can be reproduced in our out-of-the-box Support environments or not.

At times, the problem cannot be reproduced, since our out-of-the-box Support environments are always applied with the latest Fix Packs. In other words, most of the current issues experienced by our customers as they raise their PMRs have already been resolved. So, we end up not being able to have the same results as they are having. There are also cases where they have made recent changes to their system like their Java, or browser, etc. Therefore, it is important to have a video recording to show what version is being used by Support, as opposed to what is being used by the customer…

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[Admin: This post is related to the 02.05.16 post about finding TRIRIGA help, and the 10.26.15 post about being a new TRIRIGA support engineer.]


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