How do you sync internal and localized values for key fields?

We have a instance of TRIRIGA with the base language of English. However, most of our users are French. We opted for the English base language after discovering some problems with this configuration. There is one important side effect that we have discovered. When a user copies a record and renames values, it is the localized French values of the records that are affected. But the internal record values remain the same as the creation-time value.

In other words, as soon as the user modifies a localized text field, the internal record value and the localized value become desynchronized. This also applies to field names that are part of the record name such as triNameTX. This lead to problems when users try to rename records because the display name of the record often does not correspond to the internal “key” value. Recently, one user used an enhanced Copy action on a BO, and ran into problems when TRIRIGA failed to reactivate a record that has the same internal name, but different display name. Quite confusing for users.

So, I am planning to implement a workflow called from the module-level business-rules validation workflow that synchronizes internal and localized values for key name fields such as triNameTX. How can I access both the internal English value and the localized French value for that field from within a workflow? Thanks in advance!

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.18.16 post about runDynamicQuery and runNamedQueryMultiBoLocalized.]

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