ValuD: Why are facilities managers going mobile?

More and more, the ability to receive information instantaneously, anytime, anywhere, is no longer a luxury convenience, but a necessity the corporate culture demands. Cloud-based functionality is here to stay in the workplace, and there is a growing shift to meet the mobile needs of facilities management. Workers are on the move and in the field and need quick access to systems and information. When it comes to the IBM TRIRIGA platform and the benefits of mobility, there is no exception.

Core benefits of smartphone apps

  • 1) Reporting and tracking: Managing field teams efficiently is a critical element of every facilities manager’s success… With the TRIRIGA app, the technician can input information, provide the current status of the request, and update it instantaneously, which then synchronizes with the IBM TRIRIGA Application…
  • 2) Data collection: Using a smartphone or other mobile tools, building owners can collect data such as pictures, equipment, and operation statuses. With this instantaneous information share, it allows for faster decision making, as well as the elimination of paper check lists.
  • 3) Speed up the entire process: Increasing labor efficiency is a huge benefit of using mobile technology effectively. In a typical scenario, a technician has to be in the office to get service requests and work orders, and to update the status of the request once he comes back from the field…

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