Why doesn’t the locator field mapping work for DataConnect?

I’m using TRIRIGA As we all know, we can define the locator field to create the association between records and also copy the field from the source record to the current record. A typical example is triGeographyLookupTX. When the user fills out this field, there are several fields that will be filled out automatically, such as: City, Country, Country Code, etc. These fields are defined in the mapping settings of the locator field triGeographyLookupTX. The triGeographyLookupTX field works perfectly when using a form.

But when using DataConnect, the mapped fields (City, Country, Country Code, etc.) are not updated, even though the association is created correctly. Is this a bug? Or do we have to fix this problem with a workflow? Note: The “Do not Auto Populate” option is not selected for the mapped fields. Thanks in advance for your help!

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