ValuD: Trends in real estate and facilities management (RE/FM)

With nearly two decades of trends to reflect on, the real estate and facilities management (RE/FM) technology market is experiencing a major correction. It is widely accepted on one hand, that RE/FM technology has come a long way in helping complex businesses, public sector agencies, and universities transform and manage their global footprints… On the other hand, we also observe that global RE/FM technology market conditions have become destabilized – evolving into an untethered and disjointed agglomeration of models, solutions, acronyms, advancements and possibilities…

To help RE/FM business and IT leaders navigate this corrective climate and identify new waves of opportunity for their organization, this paper analyzes five primary trends occurring in the RE/FM technology sector including:

  • 1. Analyst coverage of the RE/FM technology market has become sparse and inconsistent indicating that sentiment towards RE/FM technology has changed dramatically over the last three years
  • 2. A new generation of IWMS technology (IWMS 3.0) has emerged as the prevailing RE/FM technology model that reflects practical adoption trends, procurement tendencies and demand for agile, best-in-class, solutions that can accommodate changing transformative business environments.
  • 3. The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaking up the RE/FM technology market by introducing a spectrum of opportunity for RE/FM business leaders to contribute to enterprise cost reduction goals.
  • 4. The recent wave in RE/FM outsourcing is disrupting the RE/FM technology market and raising important issues around technology alignment and core competency best practices.
  • 5. Leading organizations are increasingly leveraging the cloud to align their applications with service firms that deliver RE/FM technology and data service as a primary core competency…

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