Why doesn’t TRIRIGA 3.4.2 install deploy to WebSphere 8.5.5?

When installing IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.2 to WebSphere 8.5.5, you receive an “Install Complete” screen, but TRIRIGA is not deployed within WebSphere and the application is not accessible. The installation will appear to complete successfully, but the TRIRIGA Application is not deployed within the WebSphere console. If you view the C:\IBM\Tririga\was-ant.log file, you may see the following error message:

[java] java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: JVMCFRE003 bad major version; class=com/tririga/util/PasswordCryptography, offset=6

You may also see a java.lang.NullPointerException error message…

There are two (2) possible causes to the above errors:

  • 1. You have not installed and configured the IBM WebSphere SDK 7.0.
  • 2. You need to install a more current IBM WebSphere Fix Pack.

To resolve the problem…

[Admin: To see other related posts, use the “websphere install“ search phrase.]

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