JLL creates the workplace of the future

When complete in spring 2017, JLL’s space will have been revamped to incorporate the latest strategies in workplace design, including many of the best practices it already uses in its work for clients and features inspired by direct input from its workforce. Following principles outlined in its recent Fully Engaged report, JLL has created a space that reflects its culture and values, and inspires employees to rally around business performance. The company is using workspace and technology to further connect employees, improving their ability to work productively to achieve superior results for their clients and attain higher levels of job satisfaction…

The key to improving employee productivity and stimulating collaboration is offering the latest in innovative space design and “in-workplace” technology, including:

  • Workplace studios: JLL’s new corporate headquarters features activity-based neighborhoods called “studios” that offer far more flexibility and productivity than other open-plan offices…
  • Productivity and technology:Technology will connect every facet of the new headquarters space, including new phones that efficiently perform “first-ring hunts” to reach desks first and then mobile phones…
  • Focus on sustainability: Consistent with its focus on green environments, JLL will seek LEED certification for its healthy workspace…
  • Choice and agility: JLL dramatically increased the number and variety of meeting spaces. JLL’s studies showed that more than 80 percent of meetings occur with two to four people so there is an ample supply of reservation-based huddle rooms for these small groups…

“The one-size-fits-all model is no longer relevant,” Nolan said. “If you’re not using the workplace to engage your people and offer them choices, you’re missing an opportunity to connect them to your organization’s culture. That, after all, is the fabric of any successful business. It has to be a ‘one-size-fits-one’ approach to be effective.”…

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