How do you fix a corrupted cost code hierarchy?

I’ve encountered this in two environments. Both are TRIRIGA and they are running one Workflow Agent. All I did in the environments was cut and paste some cost codes under a different parent and renamed a few records. When I open the cost code hierarchy, I see this message:

Please contact your system administrator. The tree control reported this error while trying to draw itself: There was an error in the database or the query definition.

I then added triCostCode to the cache rebuild property and when I refresh the cache, I receive this error…

Since this was a development environment, I OM’ed all of the changes out, and used a fresh copy of production to restore the data. I suspect that this was caused by deleted projects which were still associated to project cost code records. Therefore, if I actually went in and cleaned up the hierarchy records in the database, I think I could have resolved this issue manually.

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One thought on “How do you fix a corrupted cost code hierarchy?

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