IV83050: Certain queries based on T_ tables not working properly

If fields in TRIRIGA T_ tables (tables created for BOs introduced through Data Modeler) get renamed to something else for whatever reason (e.g. the field keeps the same name, but gets a number appended to it), any reports calling on the renamed fields should still work.

But it has been found that “Where Used” is not working properly in this regards. If a user’s T_TRIINTEGRATION table’s system tables get a number appended to them (so that triFilterReportLI3 exists, for instance, instead of triFilterReportLI), a user going into Report Manager, bringing up a report, and clicking “Where Used”, gets a MID error such as this in the “Other Usage” section, instead of the “Where Used” information they were expecting to see:

An Error Occurred. Contact your System Administrator. [MID-3877416492]

There was incorrect SQL in the code to determine the BO name and fields. The “Where Used” tab menu feature in the My Reports > System Reports window has been updated to read the actual Field Name value as it is stored in the user’s database. There used to be MID errors when there was a mismatch in the Field Name values in the application with the ones in the database.

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