Where do your documents go in TRIRIGA?

Where do documents go when they are uploaded? It may not make a difference to the average user as long as they are uploaded and can be viewed. However, to some people, it does make a difference where they get uploaded. Do they go into named folders? Or do they go elsewhere? Where do the files go when they are uploaded?

Where a document goes is determined by the context of the record. How does one tell what the context is? The context is determined by the 2 buttons in the upper-right corner of the main portal screen for “Company” and “Project”… If you select “Project”, it will show the project name, so when a document is uploaded, it will go into a named folder… If you select “Company”, then it will upload into a folder structure…

So if TRIRIGA Support ever asks you what the context of the record is, we are referring to those 2 buttons at the top of the screen: “Company” or “Project”. We are looking for where your document went. You will not see those folder structures unless you are in Document Manager. But in many cases, users are not going to have access to Document Manager, so they will not see it. Overall, this is good knowledge about where your document is going, so if problems arise, you know where to look.

[Admin: A similar question is posted in the Application Platform forum about how TRIRIGA decides the document upload location, and where the document is stored. To see other related posts, use the Document Manager tag.]

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