IV83317: Show More action hangs when trying to list 500+ records

In TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher (CI), when loading more than 500 spaces, the “Show More” action gets stuck and never displays the remaining records. The issue was first observed in Spanish and was reproduced in other supported languages as well.

Steps to replicate:

  • 1. Access CAD Integrator/Publisher and login.
  • 2. Open a drawing.
  • 3. Perform an action to attach an object (space) to a polyline of the opened drawing.
  • 4. The list of spaces for this floor is shown, but it is not complete. In TRIRIGA, this floor contains 691 spaces, and in this list, only 500 items appear. At the end of this list, the “Show More” action appears. We click the action, but the list remains “Loading” and never shows more. This “Loading” message never changes and never shows more spaces.

CAD Integrator/Publisher (CI) client and platform issues. The tree was supposed to show an error message when there was an error on the server, but it was not working, leaving the “loading” node there. Moving forward, for non-English CI users, clicking on the [Show More Results] action to page to additional results correctly works instead of hanging.

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