How do you use translations to rename a form label?

I’m looking at the use of translations for renaming a form to keep things more upgrade friendly. For example, let’s say, I want to rename the “Real Estate Lease” form label to “New Form Label”. “Real Estate Lease” is something that is used throughout TRIRIGA in forms, queries, portal sections, navigation items, etc. In the past, I would just start renaming these objects, which ends up causing more maintenance at upgrade time as well as some unintended workflow issues.

I’ve heard that translations could be used to handle this particular use case, though I have never seen it in practice. Has anyone used translations in this manner? Is it a valid or good use of translations?

It is possible to use globalization tools for renaming any translatable labels in your system, but there is a caveat: “US English” users (using the new language as mentioned below) will not be able to update the internal value of the localized record field after an initial value has been set. This is because the US English users are now deemed as language users where values are stored in the language tables. To be able to rename the labels this way, you will need to…

Another possible solution (I have not tried this one), is to use the existing US English language. Follow the steps above except for the first step, then import the updated files with the “Auto-Detect Target Language” option checked or select the US English from the “Target Language” field. If this works, US English users will continue to be able to update the internal values of the localized field as long as the database language of the system remains US English.

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