How do you download an IBM TRIRIGA platform fix pack?

How do you download an IBM TRIRIGA platform fix pack? I need to find and download the most recent fix pack (FP) file for my current release and cannot find information on how to do that.

Follow these steps for downloading an IBM TRIRIGA platform fix pack from the IBM official site:

  • (1) Go to the IBM Fix Central site.
  • (2) For the Product Selector field, enter IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform.
  • (3) For the Installed Version field, select the IBM TRIRIGA Fix Pack version you want to download from the list presented.
  • (4) For the Platform field, select from the list, the Operating System (OS) you use in your system, so that the correct software binary code regarding this OS is selected for being downloaded. Click on the Continue button after that.
  • (5) On the “Identify fixes” page, click on the Continue button.
  • (6) On the “Select fixes” page, checkmark the files you want to download. Make sure to checkmark the README file for the Fix Pack version, since it will include information for that release along with the installation instructions. Once you have checkmarked the items on that list, click on the Continue button again.
  • (7) Provide your credential information (user/password) for the “Sign in to IBM” page.
  • (8) On the “Download options” page, select the download option you want to use, and then click on the Continue button again.
  • (9) Based on your download option, a page will be displayed so that you can select and download the files. For the example, you need to click on the links to open the Explorer window requesting you to select the local folder where you want to keep the file.
  • (10) Unzip the zipped downloaded files and follow the instructions on the README file to install the IBM TRIRIGA platform fix pack.

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