How do you change the AnyChart label settings in TRIRIGA 3.5?

We have a number of custom chart templates which alter the out-the-box way some of the charts display. For example, we have a pie template which relocates the legend to the bottom of the chart (as the values are rather long) and removes the labels (since long labels used to make the chart the size of a pea, and now they disappear off the screen).

The new AnyChart chart templates in 3.5/10.5 have been rewritten, and the XML is vastly reduced (due to the changes in the AnyChart 7 API). I am still able to change details of the legend (e.g. width, height, position, etc.) since this tag is still in the template, but I am unable to change the label settings. I tried adding labels=”false” to the <chart> tag (tested and worked in an online AnyChart sandbox), but the labels still showed in TRIRIGA. I also tried adding the <label_settings> tag, but this did not work either. I suspect this setting is now set in the platform JavaScript? Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

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