Where can you find the TRIRIGA SSO troubleshooting guide?

The IBM TRIRIGA single sign-on (SSO) troubleshooting guide is found on the Troubleshooting SSO wiki page, under the SSO parent wiki page, in our IBM TRIRIGA developerWorks wiki.

Troubleshooting single sign-on

The single most important resource to use from the TRIRIGA Platform perspective is the requestTest.jsp page.  This is a page internal to the TRIRIGA platform that will display the different areas of the HTTP header, and allow you to debug and set the third-party configuration correctly… Here are some issues that are known to occur with single sign-on, for example, if it is not configured properly.

  • Invalid username or password error…
  • Map labels are shown only in English…
  • HTTP requests are no longer forwarded to TRIRIGA…
  • Adding SSL/HTTPS into the mix…
  • CA SiteMinder…
  • CAD Integrator error reporting with IIS 7…

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.29.15 post about the latest information on TRIRIGA single sign-on (SSO), and the 04.06.16 post about performance issues seen with SSO-enabled environments. To see other related posts, use the SSO tag.]

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