IV82618: Graphic report counts asset types not actual assets

The “triSpace – Graphic – Asset Type” report, when modified to show each individual asset, grouped by asset type in each space, actually shows the number of asset types in each space and not the actual number of assets. This was observed in Platform version 3.4.2 and Application version 10.2.

Instead of aggregating just based on a record ID, TRIRIGA should aggregate also based on the value that the user has specified in the report. For Graphic Section queries, the “Count By” legend column will be aggregated based on the records for the business object field specified. Before, the count was based on which spaces had an association, not the associated object itself. For instance, if a floor space is associated with 2 assets of the same specification class, the aggregate of the assets was 1, since they both occupied the same space. Now, those 2 assets will be aggregated when the “Count By” is for an asset business object field.

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