IV83739: WF_EVENT_CANCEL not triggered on record in null state

In the TRIRIGA Application Building user guide, it states: “A WF WIZARD CANCEL system event happens to a record when a user editing the record closes the form.”

Does this mean that this event should happen for records that are not transitioned from the null state? If I open the form and fill data in, and at some point, I decide to close the form, where the form was not transitioned from the null state, does the WF WIZARD CANCEL event happen? I am asking since I am expecting it to happen and it is not happening for me in 10.5/3.5. The guide is not saying much, so I am expecting it to happen.

We are planning to add information to the “Application Building for the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform” user guide, to talk about the fact that WF_EVENT_CANCEL will not fire on “null” records, that is, records that have not been saved to the database, and are in a “null” state. We will update the user guide to add information about what the special event WF_EVENT_CANCEL is (an event that triggers an asynchronous workflow on the “Cancel” or “X” action of a record). We will also document that it will not fire on a new record that is not yet in a “state”, or a record in a “null” state.

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