How do you map an AutoCAD block attribute value to TRIRIGA?

My customer manages attributes like space name, usage, etc., in attributes grouped in an AutoCAD block. I’m trying to map the Space Name, for example, to TRIRIGA, but it doesn’t work. My process is the following:

  • 1. If I double-click on 4013, I edit the Block attributes, and select the Space number.
  • 2. Click on Properties, in order to set the correct Layer (Room Names).
  • 3. Then map the Layer (Room Names) in the Smart Attach window. But Space 4013 is not detected!

What’s wrong? I know the BURST command, but I don’t want to explode all attributes. I have more than 50 attributes per block, so it’s more efficient to keep them in the block.

CAD Integrator currently only supports finding text entities when doing a name search for Smart Attach. I’d suggest opening an RFE for this.

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