How do TRIRIGA custom tasks work?

I’m trying to understand how a TRIRIGA custom task exactly works, but I am not having luck. What I have been checking (more than one time) is the “Custom task” topic of the Application Building for the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform document, and also the “Chapter 4. Extending connector functions” of the Connector User Guide document.

What I would like to do is quite simple I think. I want to create a workflow that takes the ID of a person, which corresponds with his real identification number. This ID string will be passed to a custom task which will analyze if it is valid or not, returning a Boolean to the next workflow task. I have developed the Java code to verify IDs, but I don’t know how to connect this Java class with the custom task, in order to receive the ID string and to send the resulting Boolean back to the workflow. Thank you in advance!

There is a small simple example included with the TRIRIGA install. Start by taking a look at it, build it, and use it in a workflow. You can find it by extracting the files in the TririgaCustomTask.jar file located in [install-dir]/tools/BusinessConnect. The source is in the “src” folder in the “com/tririga/pub/sample” path. It is called There is some JavaDoc in the “doc” folder (just open index.html). You will need the TririgaCustomTask.jar in your compile classpath. I think that will get you pretty close to what you need to do. After going through that, post further questions you might have.

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