Does IBM TRIRIGA support or recommend partitioning a table?

Will IBM TRIRIGA support or recommend partitioning a table in multiple files for better and more stable performance? Our largest table in IBM TRIRIGA database is DM_CONTENT with lots of gigabytes for it. We have had a few timeout-related incidents in the past with Document Manager. Would we see a performance benefit and less outages by partitioning this table by YEAR(UPDATED_DATE) or MIME_TYPE?

There is no recommendation from IBM TRIRIGA Support for database partitioning (multiple database files). This is up to the DBA to implement such technology changes, and to react and respond to any new problems introduced by partitioning. IBM TRIRIGA Support would not be able to assist with new problems that are introduced with these changes, and it would fall upon the DBA and the database vendor support to resolve any issues from the database operation end.

The DM_Content (Document Manager Content) table keeps the attached files, including BLOB (Binary Large Object) content. CAD drawings are stored in this table also. This is pure binary data there, so compression is not effective…

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