Can you use keywords such as $$USERID$$ in the column filter?

Usually, we use the keyword such as “$$USERID$$” in the association filter of a query, in order to filter the records of the current user. Now, we have a requirement to show all the service requests which are requested for OR requested by the current user. As far as I know, only the “AND” operation is allowed in the association filter. So basically, this can’t be done with an association filter, except for using “ALL” as the association type (which is not a perfect solution), or creating a new association “involved”, in addition to the “requested for” or “requested by” associations.

But before I go into the two workaround solutions above, I was wondering if we can use the “$$USERID$$” in the column filter? Because the “OR” operation is allowed, we can filter the records with the “triRequestedForTX” and “triRequestedByTX” columns. But it seems that “$$USERID$$” doesn’t work as expected. So are there any keywords which I can use in the column filter? Thanks in advance for your help!

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.18.16 post about changing filters in a query from “AND” to “OR”.]

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