How do you change the Record State field to “triRetired”?

I have retired employees and their status is “Retired” in their General tab. But in the System tab, the Record State field is still “triActive”. How do I modify the Record State field?

In order to change the Record State field to “triRetired”, you will need to trigger the “Retire” action that is available in the “triActive” state. Based on your description, it sounds like the classification value got changed to “Retired”, but the state transition that moves a record from “triActive” to “triRetired” was never called. The Record State field on the System tab is a system read-only field that returns the current object state of the record.

When you open the record, do you see a “Retire” action? If you do see the “Retire” action, somehow the process you are using to “Retire” records isn’t calling this state transition on this record, or it’s being called and the workflow is preventing it from transitioning.

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.16.15 post about using triRetire to archive triPeople records. To see other related posts, use the Retire tag.]

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