Is there a way to have a lookup query with multiple BOs?

Here’s our requirement: In the out-of-box configuration, an employee can only choose a space as his/her primary location. But in our use case, an employee can choose different location BOs as his/her primary location, such as triBuilding or triFloor.

Can we create a smart section with multiple BOs? Or is it possible by using a locator field? It seems that when we choose the association, we will need to specify the association type and target BO. So it’s not possible for me. Maybe you guys have some better ideas? Thanks for your help!

You can actually already do that in the shipped TRIRIGA product. For example, on an employee record, if you select the Primary Location on the General tab, the query there is limited to the Space selection, which is the most common business scenario. However, if you navigate to the Locations & Assets tab, the query hooked up to Primary Location there is not restricted to spaces, and will return all location records. That way, individuals who are assigned to a building, for example, like building security, can be given a Primary Location other than a space.

This is possible, because the Primary Location is a locator field and uses overloading, allowing any object meeting the association requirements to populate the field. This cannot be done in a smart section, because the smart section is set to a specific BO. Hopefully, that answers your questions.

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