What are the parameters for the SQL Server INDEX REBUILD script?

The nightly Platform Maintenance stored procedure for Microsoft SQL Server has been updated from the older INDEX DEFRAG script to a new INDEX REBUILD script. These are the parameters that can be tailored for each individual environment. Please consult with a SQL Server DBA to tune these settings for optimum impact in your environment.

  • reorg_frag_thresh – The percentage threshold at which to reorganize indexes.
  • rebuild_frag_thresh – The percentage threshold at which to switch from reorganizing to rebuilding.
  • fill_factor – The percentage of space on each leaf-level page to be filled with data.
  • page_count_thresh – The number of pages the current table uses.
  • rebuild_online – Rebuild the indexes online so that other processes are able to access the table while the rebuild is occurring.
  • compute_statistics – Compute statistics on the tables or not.
  • report_only – If set to true, do not actually do the build, just report what the status of the indexes/stats/tables are.
  • MinutesToRun – How many minutes to run, where 0 means run until complete. This can be set to a limit, like 60, so the process would stop after 1 hour. On the next run, it will pick up where it left off.

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