Why isn’t Oracle and supported with TRIRIGA?

Why isn’t Oracle and Oracle supported with TRIRIGA? This question is based on 2 specific bugs with those 2 Oracle versions. The Oracle bug numbers are 14373728 and 8553944. Note that the following link will take you away from IBM and IBM is not responsible for the content.

The ideal solution is to update your database to a later version of Oracle. Understanding that upgrading a database could take time and is something that cannot be immediately done, you might need a workaround for the short term to get you through until such a time you are able to upgrade your database.

We cannot, under any circumstance, support clients on an unsupported database platform, which Oracle 11.2.02 and Oracle are. This is informational only as a workaround until you can get on a supported database platform. So the following steps are information ONLY as a workaround and is not supported…

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