How do you validate using local time instead of server time?

We have a TRIRIGA system that is hosted in one country and then utilized by people in a number of different countries, and different time zones. On a work task, we have validation (currently performed in a workflow) to check that the actual DateTimes that are entered are not in the future. So we are validating using the system function of CurrentTime.

However, this function appears to be validating against the server time. We have issues when users in one time zone (which is a few hours ahead of where the server is hosted) enter a date and time that is in the past locally, but is still ahead of the server time. So the validation is failing and the user gets presented with an error message. We have tried using the Relative flag on the field, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference. Does anyone know how we can validate against the local time instead of against the server time?

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