Planon: What can RE/FM learn from marketing?

All things considered, the world of the marketing department doesn’t differ all that much from real estate management (REM) and facility management (FM). The focus of these departments has traditionally been directed from the inside out; whether it’s stock-taking of the real estate portfolio or building maintenance, an important part of REM and FM is initiated from inside the departments themselves.

Just as with marketing, a reversal can be observed in real estate management and facility management. More and more professionals in the field are prioritising customer-orientation. Instead of “pushing” the supply outward, they are focusing more on serving the demand side as best possible and marketing products and services. Optimal alignment of supply and demand is also a good way to shift from operational real estate management and facility management to a more tactical and strategic approach to the profession…

  • 1. Real estate management: Aligning supply and demand is crucial in real estate management. What do we have in the portfolio and what will be in demand in the coming years? Will the organisation add, close or relocate branches?…
  • 2. Technical maintenance: In order to maintain buildings for minimal costs, it is important to (a) have a complete and reliable picture of the requirements, and (b) for the technical service to have at its disposal the right resources at the right time…
  • 3. Space management: That which applies to real estate management also applies to space management: proactively thinking about the future demand for workstations helps to better meet demand…
  • 4. Integrated services management: The relationship between the customer and supplier is, of course, the essence of reconciling supply and demand. REM and FM departments can facilitate this by offering product and services catalogues that clarify how they can help…

In recent years, building management and facility management have gradually shifted from operational to more strategic roles. By proactively responding to (possible) questions and processing incoming requests as optimally as possible, real estate managers and facility managers can adopt this strategic role even more.

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