Where is the “OR” in extended formula “if” expressions?

I’ve been searching the TRIRIGA documentation and either I’m blind or it doesn’t exist. To use “if” statements in extended formulas in either the Data Modeler or Workflow Builder, the documentation (Application Building for the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3: Calculations [PDF]) says that you can use:

  • = (equal),
  • # (not equal),
  • > (greater than), and
  • < (less than).

What about “greater than or equals” or “less than or equals” or “OR” or “AND”? Do we have a list of expressions we can use in “if” statements?

I think standard C-like syntax works:
if(cond1 || cond2, valueIfTrue, valueIfFalse)

Greater than, equals to, and less than are the same C-like syntax:
if(A>=1 || B>=2, trueValue, falseValue)

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