Is there any documentation on developing Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) with TRIRIGA?

I’m currently working on an interface which will load the users and organizations into TRIRIGA from an external system. The data loading work will be based on flat files, since the source system can’t provide the file with a format served by TRIRIGA. I plan to use TDI to consume the incoming file, transform it, and then write the transformed data into staging tables in TRIRIGA (I’m using DataConnect).

Since the TDI script will be invoked by TRIRIGA, there must be some point where TDI development will be different from a classic TDI development, such as how we should get the JDBC connection with the parameters (JDBC URL, username, password, etc.) passed by TRIRIGA. In the IBM Knowledge Center, most of the articles on TDI are aimed to calculate the metric table. Is there any documentation that introduces the TDI development under TRIRIGA in a general way? Thanks in advance for your help!

How to write TDI-based ETLs for TRIRIGA is documented in the Application Building for Performance Framework [PDF] user guide. Also, in the IBM Knowledge Center, check out Performance Framework > Data structures > ETL integration > Defining and Maintaining ETL transforms > Using ETLs with IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator Configuration Editor.

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3 thoughts on “Is there any documentation on developing Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) with TRIRIGA?

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