ValuD: TRIRIGA configuration or customization?

Many software programs, like IBM TRIRIGA, are giving you the choice between either configuration or customization. While these two words may sound similar, they are anything but. Configuration refers to an out-of-the-box style of delivery. The software is ready to go, but allows you to move around a couple of things to your liking. Customization allows you to change the coding of the base system to achieve what you need.

Like everything, there are pros and cons to both sides. Configurations are often limiting and may mean you have to change some business processes to fit with what the software allows you to do, but they are relatively simple. Customizations allow you to be pickier about what you have in your system and open up a lot of possibilities, but altering the baseline of code is not an easy task and can be pricey. Often times these customizations can also cause problems when the system needs to be upgraded.

In the long run, both customization and configuration give you options within a system. It all comes down to how important having a software solution tailored to your exact needs is versus being able to live with what comes out of the box with minor changes…

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