How do you display rich text in a TRIRIGA portal section?

Is it possible to display “rich text” in a portal section? Our customer wants to show some warning messages or instructions in a specific format. Here’s my workaround:

  • (1) Create a new BO to hold the message (Note type) / portal mapping,
  • (2) Create a read-only form to show the message in rich text, and then,
  • (3) Create a query / portal in order to get the right message for the portal with “Form – Record View” as the type of portal section where the form should be.

I think maybe my solution is too complex for a simple requirement. Are there any out-of-box solutions to do this? Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Here are some steps:

  • 1. Create a very simple BO with just a control number and Note field.
  • 2. Make sure the state transition goes from null to a “read only” state.
  • 3. Create a simple form from the BO, with only the Note field as the only thing on the only tab. Set all of the various check boxes to show single tab, and hide as much of the header and tab stuff as possible.
  • 4. Create a report, and order by the control number (DESC). If you want, you can use this same report, or create another report by adding an “Add” action.
  • 5. Create a portal section of type “Form – Record View”, and select the report you created in Step 4.
  • 6. Add the portal section to your portals.

There are some key ideas to this. First, is in Step 4, where the sort by control number (descending) will make sure that your latest note is always displayed. As an admin, you can run the report/query and add new notes. As end users, the most current note will be displayed. Next, is in Step 3, where you hide as much as you can in the form, and have the final display state “read only”, so that the Note field only displays the rich text.

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