Is there a way to move attached drawings to another system?

We have a question on TRIRIGA CAD Integrator data uploads from environment to environment. Once we load/attach a CAD drawing using CAD Integrator to a Dev environment, can we import this drawing without having to reload/reattach the same drawing to the next environment, say a Test/QA environment? My guess is that the same process to attach the drawings will need to be repeated in each environment. Can someone confirm this for me or let me know if there is any other means to get these to subsequent environments?

You will need to attach the drawing to the other environment. The attach process involves linking the record IDs of the floor and space records in the system to the entity IDs of the boundary polylines in the drawing. We can’t guarantee that the record IDs are the same between systems and therefore can’t reliably move a drawing from one system to another automatically. I wish we could, as it would make our development and testing easier as well.

If the development environment has just been copied from the other environment where the drawings were attached, then yes you can! See my recent reply in the Facilities Management / Space Planning forum. Trust this helps speed up your testing.

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.21.14 post about using an attached CAD drawing in another environment.]

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