IV84064: Changes made to Notes fields are not always saved

The Notes fields on records are not always saving properly when the record also contains a Query section. The problem has been seen when the following actions are taken before clicking “Save”:

  • Using the Query section to perform some action (e.g. click “Find” and accept a record).
  • Adding text to the Notes field.

It does not matter whether the text is added to the Notes field first or if the Query section action is done first. It is not clear when this problem first started happening. It was first reported by a client who upgraded from TRIRIGA 3.1.2 to 3.4.2, so this problem may or may not have been happening in releases prior to 3.4.2.

As a temporary fix, until a permanent fix for this problem is available, make changes to the Query section separate from making changes to the Notes field. That is, after making changes to the Query section, make sure to click “Save”. Similarly, after making changes to the Notes field, click “Save”. Avoid making both changes together when clicking “Save”.

We needed to save the “textarea” value before removing and reinitializing it, then add the value again afterwards in JavaScript in the platform. Moving forward, an issue was resolved where a populated Notes field was wiped out after opening a modal page, selecting or saving the modal page, and then saving the parent record. Now when this happens, the Notes field will save all content with which it was populated.

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