Why can’t you filter a Query task by “temporary data”?

I’m using TRIRIGA DataConnect to integrate the “Department” from the external system. The integration involves both updating record fields and changing the “Department” parent, since the DC_PATH only allows you to initiate the parent/child association, not update it. I used a customized field to hold the parent reference. Then I used the DC workflow to find the parent with reference, and used the “Add Child” task to create the parent/child association. To get the target parent record with reference, I used the “Query” task.

But it seems that if I use the “Temporary Data” for the “Filter Records” in the Query task, no parent can be found, even if the parent record reference is correct. So I have to use the “Permanent Data” instead of using “Temporary Data”. But another problem arises. In the event that the parent reference is not correct, the customer wants to discard the current modification/creation of the “Department” record. This is not possible if I use the “Permanent Data”. So my questions are:

  • 1. Can we filter the Query task with “temporary data”?
  • 2. If the answer to the first question is negative, how can we ignore the modification/creation of a “permanent data”? For now, I’m using the “triDelete” action when the incorrect parent reference occurs. But this is not an ideal solution for me.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

“Temporary Data” is only available to a synchronous workflow being executed in the context of a user’s interaction with a form.  The “temporary data” is the data on the form the user is currently working with, some of which might have been changed by the user and not yet save permanently to the record.

Meanwhile, DataConnect is not running in the context of an interactive user, it is running asynchronously, and therefore, there isn’t any “temporary data”. The typical pattern is to use intermediate records to hold the data and then compare the values in the intermediate records to the values in the actual records.

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