Why doesn’t the BIRT report ZIP run in the TRIRIGA application?

Here’s a scenario. You are glad that, after connecting your Eclipse BIRT environment to your TRIRIGA database, and using a SQL query, you build your own very first report. You preview it in BIRT and the report runs just fine, pulling data from the database and displaying within the format you set. You think it is a good looking report and your users will love it!

Now it is time to see it running in TRIRIGA. So you read the instructions that say you need to import it to Document Manager as a ZIP file to be used in a System Report running an external query, and you think it will be easy! You get back to Eclipse and export the report. There are a lot of options to export it, and you go for the “Archive File” that gives you the option to select as a ZIP the exact file that you need to upload to TRIRIGA Document Manager. How convenient. You import it to TRIRIGA, create a System Report, and point to the ZIP file that you imported to Document Manager. But the report does not run, throwing an error in the front end. Depending on the browser, it could be an HTTP 500 error or MID-xxxxxxxxx error.

What could be wrong? Well, although Eclipse BIRT gives you the convenient option to export the report as a ZIP file, that ZIP file will preserve the folder structure from your Workspace panel (usually on the bottom left of the Eclipse Report Designer view). TRIRIGA needs the .rptdesign file to be located in the root of the ZIP file. If not, the report will not run…

[Admin: This post is related to the 07.14.15 post about getting an HTTP 500 error when creating custom BIRT reports.]

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2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t the BIRT report ZIP run in the TRIRIGA application?

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