Having an issue with community reports after upgrade to

We upgraded from TRIRIGA to 3.5, and then applied the patch But when we log in as a non-Admin user and click on Community Reports, we get an error: “Not able to retrieve Community Report.”

The user is in a security group that has “View Access” to the Community Report. If I click “OK” on the error and then I filter and click “Apply Filter”, the reports show up in the Community Reports. We are running the TRIRIGA instance on Linux, WebSphere Liberty, Oracle We are not seeing this issue with Admin users.

The root cause to this issue is that there are reports that have references to documents that no longer exist in Document Manager. You can run the following SQL to identify which reports exist that has no valid document referenced. If you delete these reports or set a document, this issue will go away. We will be resolving this permanently in our next release after 3.5.1.

select rep_name, rep_template_id, format_doc_name, format_doc_id from rep_template_hdr r
where not exists (select spec_id from ibs_spec i where i.spec_id = r.format_doc_id) and r.format_doc_id > 1

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.08.14 post about community reports not being shown for non-Admin users.]

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