How do you manage occupancy at the desk level in TRIRIGA?

My customer has this kind of drawing… The space 4001 has several desks. How is it possible in TRIRIGA to manage the occupancy at the desk level? For example, I’d like to attach 1 person per desk and see a report to show desk availability. Is this possible or not?

Generally, in TRIRIGA, a space will have assets and people, and a person may have assets assigned. So you’re not really measuring “occupancy at the desk level” but you can manage which person is assigned to a particular desk. This is not data you’d generally be setting up from CI, but you could query it from CI. I will say, given the number of desks, the drawing will be a bit of a mess visually, if you plan on managing attached assets in CI with labels. It seems like it’d be easier to generate a tabular report, to see a list of assets grouped by space name, to know which have a person associated. And you can always open the space record to see it in context of a graphic.

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